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We are the the destination for Custom Framed Mirrors

Southern California mirror headquarters - we are the destination for framed and frameless custom mirrors We fabricate custom mirrors in any size - shop from hundreds of custom frame samples - and compare molding options.
You can also shop our ready made floor stock and take home a
Ready To Hang Mirror Today.  

We are open to the public - and create mirrors to fit your budget and decor.
Contact us - with questions about a mirror for your home or office

Unlimited Custom Mirror Frame Options In Our Orange County Warehouse Store
Thousands Of Mirror Frames Options In Our Showroom

Budget priced custom mirrors - choose the frame- style- color - size and price Every frame can be used to make a mirror.

Value Price Mirrors: Our specialty is creating mirrors to match the decor - and budget. We stock hundreds of high quality value priced mirror frames. We can fabricate budget priced mirrors in any size and color. Equally we have a very full assortment of decorative frames in medium and higher price points. When price is a major part of the buying decision - we can help - When finding just the right frame for your wall is the key - we can help with that as well. Our full assortment consists of thousands of frames - in all price ranges.

We Make Bathroom
Mirrors For Any Decor

we make bathroom mirrors any size for any budget Shown is a very large rustic natural reclaimed barnwood bathrooom mirror mirror

Wide Selection Bathroom
And Vanity Mirrors

Wide Selection - Including Value Price Bathroom Mirrors Bathroom vanity mirrors for a very small space or a very long double sink

We fabricate beautiful bathroom mirrors in any size from hundreds of different frame styles and provide mirror installation in Orange County CA.
Our specialty is creating Custom Bathroom Mirrors to the correct size for every bathroom of your home.

Need 3 matching custom bathroom mirrors for the master suite? We can help design and fabricate a his - hers and vanity combination - each in a different size. Have plans to remove those old long frameless mirrors and replace them with two modern custom bathroom mirrors? We can help.
If your old mirror is in good shape, we might be able to use it in the fabrication with a new mirror frame for your bathroom.

Create A Perfect Wall Mirror For Any Room
Custom Wall Mirrors
Choose Your Color

Decorative Wall Mirrors - Any Size - Choose Color Select wall mirrors by color including gold, silver, bronze, pewter, cherry, walnut, expresso, white, black, unfinished and so much more. Shop over 5,000 mirror frame samples.

Decorative Wall Mirrors
Choose Your Style

Create a custom wall mirror to accent any room of your home - select mirror style Our wall mirror frame samples include modern, contemporary, ornate, distressed, reclaimed barn wood, traditional, wood, wooden, high gloss, lacquer, decorative and much more.

We can fabricate a custom wall mirror for a very small space - or a very very large mirror for the entry way and living room.
We can help you create the perfect framed wall mirror by style and size for you home or office.

Custom Fireplace Mirrors
Fireplace Mirrors
Formal Or Informal

Fireplace mirrors - any size for every budget Fireplace mirrors - any size for every budget

Mirrors are the perfect addition to any fireplace. We can create any size - to provide the flexability to decorate above the mantle and personalize to fit your decor.

Living Room Mirror
Family Room Mirrors

The Perfect Accent For Any Room With A Fireplace Living Room Mirrors The Perfect Accent.

Mirrors Add Warmth To Any Room Where The Family Gathers. We Make Sofa Mirrors, Wall Mirrors And Decorative Mirrors For Family Rooms Of Any Size.

We can help you find the correct size for a custom mirror for any room.

Take a picture of the room where the mirror will be displayed. We can help you find the right size and color frame for your decorative mirror.
We always work with the outside measurement of the mirror to create the frame and then fabricate the mirror to fit. Measure the entire wall where the mirror will be displayed and using your the picture of the area, we can easily help you determine the correct size for your decorative custom mirror.

Custom Dinning Room Mirrors
Custom Dining Room Mirrors

dining room mirrors made to your style Custom Dining Room Mirrors - You Choose The Style Mirror - Formal, Traditional, Contemporary, Ornate, Barnwood, Rustic Modern, And More

Any Size Dining Room Mirror

dining room mirrors any size - small mirror or large mirror Small Mirror - Large Mirror - You Choose The Perfect Dining Room Mirror Size - Formal Mirrors Or Casual Dining Mirrors

Visit our central Orange County Warehouse Store and Mirror Fabrication Facility- Map and Directions.

We can help you with the selection and design of your custom mirror and then complete the manufacturing process often within a week or less.
We offer a wide selection from Value Price to very expensive Custom Mirror styles imported from Europe. Although each frame may be different - we always use the same high quality mirror with every custom mirror we fabricate.

Order Custom Frameless Beveled And Flat Polished Mirrors To Your Exact Size
Frameless Mirrors

Create custom frameless beveled and flat polished mirrors to your exact size Frameless Mirrors

Custom frameless beveled or flat polished mirrors to your exact size. Your choice of square - round - oval - rectangle - or custom shape.

Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

custom frameless bathroom mirrors beveled and flat polished mirrors to your exact size Frameless bathroom mirrors

Frameless mirrors any room - including bathroom vanity mirrors. We can guide you thru the selection process and help you find the right size and type of frameless mirror to finish your bathroom project.

Popular Mirror Styles - Choose Frame Style - Color - Size
Custom Floor Mirrors

Custom leaning mirrors - dressing mirrors - any size Standing Floor Mirrors - Great For A Room Accent Or A Dressing Mirror - We Make Any Size

Leaning Mirrors

Leaning Mirror Custom Leaning Mirrors Can Be Thin Or Very Wide And Tall - Your Choice Beveled Mirror Or Traditional Flat Polished Mirror.

Custom leaning mirrors can be made in any size. We make very large standing floor mirrors mirrors to fill an entire wall - and very small leaning mirrors to fit a specific dressing area. We can place a special hardware unit on the back of a leaning mirror to provide protection and keep it from sliding should it be bumped.

Unique Mirrors - Choose From Hundreds Of Frame Styles
3 panel Dressing Mirrors - Full 360 Degree View

three panel dressing mirrors - wardrobe mirrors - dressing room tri fold mirrors Custom Wing Mirrors Personal Dressing Room Mirrors

We make three panel mirrors - dressing mirrors - wardrobe mirrors - tri-fold mirrors - dressing room mirrors - framed or frameless - free standing or wall mounted tri fold mirrors. Get a full 360 degree view while you are dressing.

Thin Mirror Frames

Popular thin metal frame mirrors Custom Thin Framed Mirrors - We Can Make Any Size With A Thin Metal Mirror Frame

Our Thin Metal Frame Mirrors are available in over 20 colors and can be used in any room. This style mirror is very popular with our interior design clients. The sleak thin mirror frame makes a great bathroom mirror, dressing mirror, leaning mirror or wall mirror. Our thin metal framed mirror can be fabricated to your size with a flat polish or beveled edge.

We Make Very Small Mirrors And Very Large Mirrors
Very Small Custom Framed Mirrors

Very Small Custom Mirrors Very Small Mirrors Made To Fit Your Space - Choose Just The Right Size Small Mirror - Then Pick The Style And Color

Very Large Custom Framed Mirrors

Very large custom mirrors - giant oversized mirrors - made in any size Extra Large Mirrors -Giant Oversize Mirrors - We Make Very Large Mirrors To Fit Your Space.

We fabricate Very Large Mirrors and Very Small Mirrors - All Custom Made - Any Size.

We always work with the outside measurement so we know a giant mirror or very thin mirror will fit your space. Let us help you design a custom mirror of a specific size to fit your special needs - huge mirror or tiny mirror we can help. We also install custom mirrors anywhere in Orange County CA and we ship custom mirrors of any size anywhere in the USA.
We guarantee each mirror will arrive safely.

Add That Special Touch - Specialty Custom Mirrors
Custom Floating Mirror Framed Or Frameless

Floating Mirror 2 Styles Of Custom Floating Mirrors

Our floating mirrors appear to be suspended in the air. We offer a framed version in several colors. This style (shown on the left above) "floats" inside a special deep thin frame. We also fabricate a frameless floating mirror (shown on the right) The frameless version can be polished or beveled.

Custom Frosted

Frosted edge acid etched Custom Frosted Mirrors

Our custom frosted mirrors can be framed or framelesss. Contractors and Interior Design clients sometimes attached LED lighting to the back of the mirror. When several mirrors are ordered at the same time - we can also add text and a company logo to the mirrors.

Custom Blocked Mirrors
9 Color Options

Custom blocked mirrors - any color material behind mirror Blocked Mirrors

Our unique Blocked Mirror style places a custom mirror on top of a finished decorative support. We offer a variety of finishes and colors for our blocked mirrors.

Octagon & Hexagon Mirrors

Octagon mirrors and Hexagon Mirrors Made With Any Frame And Made In Any Size Octagon Hexagon Mirrors

Every frame style can be a octagon mirror or hexagon mirror. These can be fabricated as a beveled mirror or traditional flat polished mirrors - and made in any size. The Stop Sign mirror shape is a wonderful alternative to the traditional round mirror.

Custom Window Pane Mirrors

Custom window pane mirrors - many frame and color options Window Pane Mirrors

Our window pane mirrors can be made in any size with any combination of mirror panes. Let us help you design the perfect window pane mirror for you home.

Custom Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors - made in any size Antique Mirrors - Framed Or Frameless

We offer custom Antique Mirrors - sometimes called mercury mirrors. This mirror creates a unique look - and works well with may styles and colors of frames.

DIY Unfinished Mirrors - You Paint Stain

Unfinished Wood Frameed Mirrors Unfinished Mirrors - Wood Framed - Choose The Style

Want a mirror with an exact color match paint or stain your color to fit the decor. We offer over 10 styles of unfinished do it yourself mirrors. We can make these very small or very large. We do not actually apply the paint or stain - but we do provide extra moulding to assure you will be able to get get the color right before you apply the final finish to the mirror.

3 Panel Mirrors

Frameless 3 Panel Mirrors Frameless 3 Panel Mirrors

Frameless three panel mirrors with a full 360 degree view . This style three panel mirror is easy to mount. This can be used as a counter top or full length dressing mirror and made in any size.

Special Mirror

Special Requests Special custom Mirror Requests

Have a unique mirror request? We have made mirrors with a special shape - or unusual design. contact us with your design.

Custom Mirrors - Any Size - Choose Style - Color

We fabricate custom mirrors which we sell in our retail store and we also ship custom mirrors throughout the United States with guaranteed save delivery. If you live in Southern California we encourage you to visit our large warehouse store. We are located in central orange county and easy to reach from Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego. Many of our clients indicate that discovered our mirrors on line using the term custom mirrors near me.

We have over Thousands of mirror frame styles in our warehouse store and hundreds of ready made framed mirrors. We are confident that if a ready to hang framed mirror is not available, our design consultants can help you create a Custom Framed Mirror that is just right for your decor, size and budget. Every mirror we make can be a beveled edge mirror or traditional flat polished edge mirror.

Our assortment of custom framed mirrors include - gold and silver mirrors, brushed satin nickel mirrors, oil rubbed bronze custom mirrors, dark espresso mirrors, and beautiful wood tone mirrors of walnut, cherry, mahogany, honey pecan and more. We offer many mirror styles including traditional, distressed mirrors, reclaimed wood mirror frames, barnwood and driftwood style mirrors, shabby chic, formal mirrors, tropical bamboo mirrors, contemporary mirrors, unfinished and unpainted mirrors, ornate mirrors, gloss lacquer mirrors and many more styles. The standard mirror sizes are 20 x 24. 24 x 30. 24 x 36, 30 x 40, 36 x 48, 36 x 60. 36 x 72. We can make mirrors as large as 9 feet x 7 feet with many our larger frame styles. We often have several very large floor stock mirrors available in our warehouse store.

Floor Stock Mirrors - Ready To Hang Mirrors. We offer an ever changing selection of ready made mirrors. Sometimes our customers can find both the size and color in our floor stock inventory. These mirrors are are often one of a kind and always a great value. Our floor stock mirrors are always sold as discount mirrors - and we always have some very cheap mirrors in stock. Often customers will purchase a value price mirror from our ready inventory and then make a custom mirror to match.

We fabricate custom mirrors for any room in any size.
When you shop our large warehouse store you will have access to thousands of decorative mirror frame styles.
Choose The Style - Color - and Size just right for your decor and budget.